Stopped Deportation for Brazilian Mother

Our client crossed the Mexican border illegally in 2004. She is originally from Brazil. Soon after she arrived, a judge ordered her removed from the United States. During her time in the US, she married another Brazilian man. Together, they had three American Citizen children. Many years later, ICE finally apprehended her and put an ankle bracelet on her to monitor her. She was due to be deported back to Brazil soon. She came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help with her case.

We immediately filed Freedom of Information Act requests to several federal agencies to get more information about her case. The most pressing issue, however, was her impending deportation. We knew we had to file a Stay of Deportation for her. Unfortunately, immigration authorities are often reluctant to grant these applications. We remained determined to fight for her, though. She told us that her children had some serious medical problems; we argued that she should be allowed to stay in the United States at least a little longer in order to care for them. We gathered supporting documents from the family, wrote the request, and sent it in.  To the joy of our team and her family, the stay was granted. ICE removed her ankle bracelet and lifted the looming threat of deportation.

Meanwhile, we received responses to our Freedom of Information Act requests. We discovered that there was no proper Portuguese translator at the border. Because of this, immigration sent her hearing notices to the wrong address. Now, we will work to reopen her case because she never received proper notice. We are looking forward to more success with this client in the future. For now, she can live in peace in the USA to take care of her children.

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