Stay of removal approved for Chinese individual

Finally some good news

A Chinese client with no immigration status needed our help after he found himself under the radar of ICE. He had been through a lot, including his wife abandoning him to raise their U.S. citizen son alone. After meeting with the client and analyzing the details of his case, we decided pursuing a Stay of Removal with ICE would be the best option for him. Given his sympathetic case factors, including being the sole caregiver of a young U.S. citizen child and being a law-abiding member of his community, a Stay of Removal was a promising option for the client. We wrote a long and detailed request emphasizing the need for a Stay of Removal and ICE exercised their prosecutorial discretion and granted a Stay. The decision stated that our client’s case “does not fall under current enforcement priorities” and proved to be a welcome respite from the fear of removal that the client faced.

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