Many immigrants who are here illegally will face being locked up or being ordered removed. Often, they have families to care for here in the United States and are looking for a way to stay in the USA. Deportation is a daunting process, but our experienced attorneys and staff are familiar with the process and will do everything possible to make sure our clients get out of jail or remain in the United States. We have even helped people go all the way to a green card. Read these Success Stories and see how we have helped many clients remain in the United States. If you are an immigrant facing detention or deportation, contact us today!

India Human Rights Activist Wins Marriage Green Card Despite Prior Marriage, Pending Asylum Application, and Deportation Proceedings

[Please note: The Client’s name and case key details may have been altered to preserve the identity of the client. This Success Story is not intended to be an offer of service or case plan. Every case is unique. The Success Story is presented for information purposes only.] In 2015 the Margaret W. Wong team in New York started working with Vihaan, a man from India in his mid-thirties, who

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Questionable Past to Green Card

Margaret W. Wong and Associates LLC started working with Mr. Mateo Alvarez back in 2010 when we were not only able to intervene and block his deportation (i.e. after he was already in ICE custody) but secure for him a 10-year cancellation of removal that resulted in Mateo being granted permanent residence. Questionable Past Nevertheless, Mateo was a troubled person with a history of excessive drinking which resulted in several

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Giving Thanks

Our client from Mexico arrived in our Cleveland office over 10 years ago to start a new life with his wife, daughter and 2 sons, but then tragedy hit. Tragedy Hits A tragic car accident claimed the life of a mother and daughter leaving a single father of two young sons to grieve. Needing our assistance to maneuver their current immigration paperwork we facilitated his work permit (I-130) and his

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Deportation is a New Start

Happily Ever After occasionally takes some time and once in a while you just want to leave and plan your return to the USA. But it’s not that simple…. once you’re apprehended. Margaret W. Wong & Associates Atlanta Immigration Law office had to convince the attorney for Immigration and Customs Enforcement that this courteous relief to leave was merited. It’s not a gift. It must be won. Time to Start

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Spouse’s last-minute Naturalization Saves the Day

Overstayed visit Our client, Mr. A, is a native of Ghana. He came to the U.S. in 1998 on a visitor visa and overstayed. Mr. A and his wife, a U.S. lawful permanent resident, were riding a bus when an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer boarded and began asking passengers about their immigration status. Mr. A admitted that he had overstayed his visa, that his wife had filed an I-130

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Stay of Removal Granted

MM entered the country with inspection, has no criminal history in the US or in her home country of Mexico. When she received notice of removal, she called Margaret W Wong & Associates Memphis Immigration Law office for assistance. Needed More Time We requested a Stay of Removal based on MM having good moral character, attended every appointment scheduled with ICE, and her husband and two children would suffer hardship

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Stopped Deportation for Brazilian Mother

Our client crossed the Mexican border illegally in 2004. She is originally from Brazil. Soon after she arrived, a judge ordered her removed from the United States. During her time in the US, she married another Brazilian man. Together, they had three American Citizen children. Many years later, ICE finally apprehended her and put an ankle bracelet on her to monitor her. She was due to be deported back to Brazil

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Lawful permanent resident is released from ICE custody

Lawful resident makes a mistake Our client, who was a lawful permanent resident, hired us in May 2008 when he was concluding his federal criminal sentence for four fraud offenses. His convictions were aggravated felonies for immigration purposes. Upon completion of his sentence, he was placed in removal proceedings and transferred to Oakdale, Louisiana. He was in mandatory detention due to the criminal convictions. What needed to be filed Our

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Man with a Green Card is wrongfully detained

It’s rewarding After talking to a desperate family so many times, we are finally able to break the good news: “your husband will be released from jail today”. We know the impact of the announcement, and we feel so much joy for the family. Our client and his family had Green Cards. The last time he traveled, upon returning from Mexico they detained him because he had pled guilty of

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Father from China detained

Loving father detained Our client, Mr. N, came to the US illegally from China over 20 years ago. He was ordered removed back to China and his appeal was denied. However, Mr. N continued to live in the United States and pursue his American dream. He got married and became the stepfather of one child and, soon, the father of another. He and his wife ran a restaurant together. Understanding

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