Successful DACA renewal

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was started by the Obama administration in June of 2012.  DACA applications are approved for a period of two years.  That means that many of the applications we had approved in the early stages of the program are now up for renewal, and we are pleased to report that the renewal process is going smoothly.

One of the firsts

Ms. B, of Mexico, entered the U.S. without inspection as a child.  She’s now in her early 20’s and works in a law office.  She was one of our first (of many) DACA applicants back in 2012.  She was granted a notice of deferred action and a work authorization card good until November of 2014.  We filed her renewal in June of 2014, and it was recently approved. Ms. B’s new notice of deferred action and work authorization are good until late 2016. 

Just a Reminder

Remember, if you currently are a DACA recipient and have work authorization, be sure to file for renewal well in advance.  USCIS recommends that you file 120 days (but no more than 150 days) before expiration of your current DACA in order to avoid any lapse.

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