DACA and work authorization inspires youth

First he wants his drivers license

A young high school student came to see us with his father, interested in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and work authorization.  The boy was 15 years old and had come to the United States from India as a two year old.  He had lived his whole life in the United States without any status.  The young man would soon turn 16 and was hoping to finally get a driver’s license like all of his friends.  He and his family were also starting to worry about how he would go to college, with no status and no valid identification, social security number, or anything else one needs to fill out a college application. 

What M.W.W. did to secure his future

We worked with them to show that the young man had been in the US for nearly entire life.  We filed Form I-821D and I-765 along with numerous supporting documents to show that the boy met the DACA requirements.  After about five months, we were able to get him DACA and authorization to work in the United States.  We recently filed for renewal of his DACA and work authorization, and were successful.  The young man is fulfilling his dreams and applying to college, and his parents couldn’t be happier.

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