Bright future for 3 brothers after DACA

Arrived with a visitor visas

DACA has helped thousands of young immigrants achieve their dreams. DACA recipients receive work permits and can apply for jobs that would have otherwise been out of their reach. They can apply for driver’s licenses. They can live without fear of deportation. They can hope for a better future. DACA did just that for three brothers in their late teens and early twenties. Originally from Hong Kong, the brothers came to the United States on B-2 visitor visas with their parents in the mid-90s and settled in New York. The brothers all excelled in school and dreamed of career success one day. However, without papers, it was just that, a dream.

What we needed to do to secure their dream

Then, in 2012, the Obama administration announced the DACA program. The brothers visited our office New York City with their father. We began gathering documents that proved their eligibility, such as school and tax records, birth certificates, and passports. By Christmas of 2012, they had received their I-821D DACA approvals and work permits. Two years later, we followed up with the brothers and filed for their DACA renewals, much easier this time around as we already knew them so well. The brothers were grateful to guidance provided by Margaret W. Wong & Associates. They are happy that DACA has provided them with more stability in their lives and a path to a brighter future.

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