Victim of violence in El Salvador granted Asylum for his religion

Our client, Mr. P, was a farmer in El Salvador. One of his sons, a fisherman, felt drawn to join the religious community of Jehovah’s Witnesses because of the way they stood up to the gangs that plague the country. However, each time Mr. P and his son brought their goods to market, gang members would harass them and demand payment.

One day, as Mr. P and his son were working on the roof of a house, four hooded men arrived. They shot Mr. P’s son before his eyes with a shotgun. Mr. P went to the police for help but they said that could not protect Mr. P and his family or find the killers. Gang members repeatedly threatened Mr. P in the weeks that followed and told him to get out of the country. Once again, El Salvadorian police could not help and urged Mr. P to leave. Mr. P fled to another part of the country, sold his belongings, then sought the safety of the United States.

Upon arrival, Mr P filed for asylum on the grounds of religious persecution due to his faith. He was fortunate that he filed quickly and that he had good documentation to back up his claim. After working with an attorney at our firm, Mr. George Inman, Mr P’s Asylum application was granted. He can now live in the United States in peace and freely practice his faith with his family.

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