Tortured in Honduras, Asylum in the USA

Ms. S entered the U.S. from Honduras in 2012. She was a victim of traumatic emotional and physical abuse by her former husband as well as Honduran gang members. They tortured, beat, burned, sexually assaulted, and even shot her in the arm. Fearing for her very life, she fled to the United States, leaving her children behind. Ms. S sought Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help.

Initially, she wasn’t eligible to receive an employment authorization document or apply for Asylum because she hadn’t filed documentation within one year of entering the U.S. After her brother was violently murdered in her childhood home in Honduras, however, it became obvious that both she and her family were in grave danger. Due to these changed conditions, and with her previous persecution, she was able to apply for Asylum.

After five long years and countless hours of preparation, Ms. S finally gained Asylum. She is now working with us to obtain a Green Card and retrieve her children from Honduras, two of whom currently live with their abusive father. Attorneys Scott Bratton and Fabiola Cini handled this case. 

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