Chinese Mormon gains Asylum

Persecution in China

Ms. N. was born in Fujian Province in China.  After her husband deserted her, the government did not grant her a divorce. She felt so much sorrow and stress after her husband left. Luckily, she found peace after being invited to a Mormon Church by a friend. She filed for divorce again and this time it was granted. Her chronic insomnia and headaches had disappeared and she was much happier with her life after joining the church.

Ms. N knew that the Chinese government considered underground churches like hers to be an evil cult that made people go crazy but she felt welcomed in the community. One day, Chinese police burst into the room and arrested her and her companions. Authorities held her in a series of small cells, sometimes without even a bed or chair, sometimes alone and sometimes with others. Police beat her until she agreed to write a letter promising that she would never involve herself in the church again. When she returned home, she found out that her parents had paid a bribe for her release.

Coming to the USA for Asylum

Ms. N then decided to flee to the United States, first landing in Mexico and eventually making her way to New York. Even after she left, the government kept threatening her parents. They told them that they would send Ms. N to a labor camp if she ever returned. In the United States, Ms. N regularly attends services at the Mormon Church. Ms. N came to the offices of Margaret W. Wong & Associates in New York City for help. Our Attorney William On Low took up the case. We helped her file an application for Asylum, which was approved. She is happy that she can attend her church and practice her religion here in the United States without fear of any persecution.

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