Asylum re-filing granted for Lebanese Doctor

Our client came to the United States from Lebanon many years ago. He lived in the Cleveland area and had been a doctor in his home country. He contacted our firm to help him re-file for Asylum. His first application with another attorney had been denied. At the first hearing, the officer said that our client had treated a man he later learned was a member of Hezbollah. The officer also refused to waive the one-year requirement for filing for Asylum. After this, the case went to the Department of State for further hearings.

In preparation for the next hearing, our staff helped the client find expert witnesses to testify about the conditions in Lebanon, Hezbollah, and the South Lebanese Army. Because of their testimony, at the hearing, the judge agreed to waive the one-year requirement because of changed conditions in Lebanon. Now our client could renew his Asylum application. We helped him prepare this new application.

During the hearing for the renewed asylum claim, both the Judge and the Department of Homeland Security agreed that our client had a legitimate fear of persecution and had not intentionally provided medical assistance to a member of Hezbollah. After six years and many hearings, our client and his family finally gained asylum. Attorneys Scott Bratton and Fabiola Cini worked very hard on this case.

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