Asylum for Kenyan woman

Our client grew up in Kenya. Her mother worked for an international aid organization. Through her work with this organization, our client’s mother learned about corruption in the government, which she reported to U.S. officials. Soon, our client’s mother was stopped and threatened, and government officials began inquiring about her. Sadly, our client’s mother died under unnatural and suspicious circumstances. In the midst of our client’s loss, the same officials soon began inquiring about herself. Understandably, she was afraid for her very life.

Our client fled to the U.S. where she attended college, with the support and assistance of the same aid organization her mother had worked for before her untimely death. She had an asylum case already filed on her behalf when she contacted our office for assistance. Attorney Scott Bratton picked up the case. He ordered an audio recording of our client’s prior proceedings and reviewed them. Then and he and our paralegals worked to collect documentation of our client’s persecution in Kenya, arrange witnesses and contact the aid organization her mother had worked for to provide information for the asylum case. It was a difficult case. The events in Kenya had taken place many years in the past, when our client was a child. Witnesses were hard to find or reluctant to testify, as is often the case when individuals are afraid of persecution.

Happily, we prevailed, and our client was granted asylum. This young woman and her family have suffered incredibly at the hands of her home country’s government. No words can express our condolences, but we at Margaret Wong hope that it comforts Ms. O to know that she may now consider the U.S. to be her home.

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