Honduran girl gains Asylum and forges her own way in the U.S.

Ms. I was abandoned in Honduras by her parents when she was only two years old, forcing her to live with an abusive uncle and his family. He began molesting her when she was three, and the abuse continued nightly until she was eight. He also hit, burned and threatened her, thereby gaining complete control. Her uncle warned her that if she told anyone about the abuse, he would kill his own son, whom she considered her brother. To make matters worse, her uncle frequently hosted parties in their home for a dangerous street gang. This made the death threats against her and her loved ones a reality. 

Utterly desperate and feeling there was no escape, Ms. I attempted suicide. Fortunately, her aunt intervened. Still determined to get away, at just fourteen, Ms. I saved enough money to be able to make it to the U.S. In the next three years, she learned English, graduated from high school and applied to college. 

She came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates to help her apply for Asylum. We filed an I-589 Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal for her. After hours of preparation and extensive, detailed interviews, her petition for asylum was recently granted. Ms. I plans to join the U.S. Navy in order to further her education and achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a pediatrician. Attorneys Beryl Farris and Jonathan Bartell handled this case, with help from our Staff