Clinically depressed Indian woman receives Asylum in the U.S.

Ms. P from India contacted us in late 2016 seeking asylum in the U.S. Her family belongs to the Gujarati community in India, a group of individuals under the control of the Shiv Sena, a chauvinistic party. She and her family were not only living in a dangerous environment of chaotic riots, attacks, and bomb blasts, but were also heavily persecuted because of their native language and identity as Gujaratis. 

Ms. P fled from India to the U.S. so she could further her education and start living a life free from discrimination and persecution. Upon arrival to the U.S., she joined a Master’s program specializing in medical chemistry in Long Island. After three months of hard work, she moved on to participate in a pharmaceutical doctorate program in California. As a result of all these sudden changes in such a short time, she became clinically depressed. Ms. P developed a fear of returning to India. She worried that she wouldn’t receive the proper treatments to control her mental disorder and would be ostracized from the community. She also feared that it would be dangerous for a young woman like her to return to living in a place where rape and molestation occur daily. 

After just over a year, Ms. P gained asylum due to the potential dangers she could face if she returned to India. Now, she is now able to enjoy the many freedoms guaranteed to young single women living in the United States. Azaadjeet Singh and Attorney Fabiola Cini handled this case.

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This story was mentioned in the July 6, 2018 issue of India Abroad. Read the full article here.