Chinese Christian Asylee found credible

Difficulty applying for Asylum on Arrival

Our client, Mr. Z, was persecuted in China due to his belief in Christianity. He came to the United States illegally to apply for asylum. Immigration officials caught him at the airport when he tried entering the United States without any documents. He initially failed the credible fear interview with the immigration officer because he could not understand the interpreter. The officer did not believe that he had a credible fear of going back to China. Later, an Immigration Judge affirmed this negative decision. In addition, because of his lack of identity documentation, ICE refused to release him on Bond.

Applying for Asylum successfully with Margaret W. Wong & Associates

After this series of difficulties, his family in the U.S. hired Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC to defend him, hoping to save him from a removal order. Our team studied his case thoroughly and reviewed all his materials and our attorney went to jail to talk with Mr. Z multiple times. Because of this hard work, we got a full picture of his case. With no right of appeal, we had to ask the Immigration Judge to reconsider the decision. There was very little time (only 15 days!) for our team of lawyers and paralegals to assemble additional evidence and advocate his case to the same Immigration Judge who decided against him about his credible fear interview.

We explained to the court that his answers in the credible fear interview were inconsistent because Mr. Z could not understand the interpreter. The interpreter spoke very quickly and used a different dialect; Mr. Z’s low level of education only complicated the matter. After succeeding in having the Judge reverse the prior decision, Mr. Z’s competency became an issue in the case. A government psychiatrist tested him and found that his low education impeded his understanding of the proceedings.

Meanwhile, we gathered additional evidence and researched extensively. We managed to prove that Mr. Z was persecuted in China for practicing his religion. Above all, it was his continual practice of the Christian faith in jail that convinced the Judge that Mr. Z had a well founded fear of persecution if deported to China. In the end, the judge found that Mr. Z was credible and granted his asylum application. On the same day, he was released from jail and reunited with his family. From an illegal immigrant to an asylee, the teamwork and perseverance of Margaret W. Wong & Associates changed Mr. Z’s life.

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