Chinese woman oppressed by one child policy gains asylum

Ms. Y came to the U.S with a tourist visa and applied for asylum based on the persecution she faced under the Chinese one-child policy. The Chinese Government had forced her to abort her baby because she was pregnant out of wedlock. Her Individual Hearing was only three months away when she came to our office for the first time. Her prior attorney told her that her case had a small chance to win, so she was very concerned.

Undeterred, the immigration attorneysat Margaret W. Wong & Associates took over the case. We immediately asked for the previous filings from her prior attorney. Our attorney William Low spent hours and hours studying the filings to correct mistakes and supplement important documents for the Hearing. He had three long meetings with Ms. Y to prepare her for the court hearing, and even advised her husband to come to the U.S. on a tourist visa to be her witness. With thorough and detailed preparation, the hearing was over quickly and went very well. The judge granted her asylum soon after! Thank our New York team for excellent job!

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