Chinese man seeks Asylum and Green Card

Seeking Asylum

One of our clients, a national of China, entered the United States in 1991, but he did not come directly from China. He came through another country in central America and used a fake Panamanian passport. As soon as he arrived, he asked for asylum. He was paroled in to the United States and promptly filed the appropriate asylum application, but he never had an interview and his case was never sent to an immigration judge. Years later, he married a United States Citizen.

How our immigration experts earned him a Green Card

Given his unusual entry into the country, he was having trouble. He came to the immigration experts at Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. We helped his wife file an I-130 immigrant visa petition for him and an I-485 adjustment of status (Green Card) application. At his interview, the immigration officer immediately separated the couple. Our attorney asked the officer not to do that since he was never in deportation proceedings. Unfortunately, the interpreter that our clients brought was not proficient in translating. 

Our attorney worked with the officer and asked for a date that we could return with a certified translator. We prepared the couple for this second interview much like a New York ‘Stokes’ interview. At the next interview, the couple was separated again. Because of our preparation, the couple knew what to expect and gave consistent answers to the questions. After a few minutes of interviewing the USC spouse, the immigration officer had no problems approving the I-130 Petition.

Since he came to the United States with a fake passport, the only other issue was: did he need a waiver? Our attorney successfully argued that he did not, since he was coming to the United States to seek asylum and did whatever he could and asked for asylum when he arrived. The application for adjustment of status was approved without a waiver. After waiting for a long time, our client is now a permanent resident and can live happily with his wife.

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