Asylum for Gay Mexican Man

Asylum for Gay Mexican Man

Horror in Mexico

Mr. Z was born in Michoacan, Mexico in 1979. Unfortunately, he did not have a normal childhood. His father was an alcoholic who frequently abused him, his brother, and his mother. Soon, his parents separated. In addition to this, Mr. Z had to wrestle with something else: even at a young age, Mr. Z knew he was different from other boys in his school. He knew he was gay, but he also knew that he could never tell anyone about it, not even his own mother. Mexico is a deeply homophobic society and gay men suffer discrimination at every turn; even the police sometimes abuse them. One day when he was only nine years old, he suffered an incredibly traumatic event: an older man raped him. Mr. Z did not know what to do and lived in fear. Once again he knew that he could not tell a soul what happened to him. After this, he suffered in silence and continued to hide who he was for many years. Eventually, he came to the United States in 2005.

Applying for Asylum

He had been living in the United States for a long time before he decided to apply for Asylum. He was terrified to go back to Mexico, sure that he would be beaten and killed. Mr. Z came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates to save him. His case was certainly unusual, and we knew from the beginning that it would be difficult. There was also the issue that he was applying many years after entering the United States, instead of within one year.

However, our team of experienced immigration lawyers and staff were never daunted. We helped him prepare his Asylum application and tell his story. Then we gathered supporting documentation and filed the case. Attorney Jonathan Bartell worked tirelessly on his behalf and represented him at his hearings. It was a very traumatic experience for him to have to relive what happened to him, so there were initially some inconsistencies in his story. We updated his application each time it was necessary, making sure that he had the strongest case possible.

Safety at Last

Next, we prepared Mr. Z for the asylum interview in Los Angeles. The interview lasted three hours as immigration officials questioned him about every aspect of his past. Even with the previous inconsistencies, thanks to our firm’s preparation, he was ready and the interview went well.

Recently, we learned that his Asylum was approved. He was so relieved and thankful that he could remain in the United States, where he finally feels safe and at home. This was a real team effort involving many people in our firm. Our team was overjoyed that all of our hard work paid off. We wish Mr. Z all the best in his new life in America.

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