Asylum for Mexican Family

Out of fear of the gangs in Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. D journeyed to the United States where they lived for years and had two boys, one of them autistic and very vulnerable to harassment. It wasn’t until a friend told them about possibilities for asylum that they seek legal counsel at the Atlanta Immigration Law office of Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC in May of 2019.

Difficult Case to Prove

At first, this looked to be quite difficult because, in order to obtain asylum, a person has to prove that she/he would be directly threatened by the gangs, herself/himself instead of the gangs being a general threat to the population as a whole. We thus encouraged the family to communicate with their relatives in Mexico to learn how the gang presence affected them specifically.

Thus, in the course of their interview which took place in September of 2019 at the Metairie Asylum Office in New Orleans, Mrs. D. was able to impart that her parents, who formerly owned a small business, were being menaced by the gang, Los Zetas because they could not make the extorted payments demanded.

Mrs. D’s parents also let it be known that small children were being kidnapped by Los Zetas (sometimes in direct view of their families) and forced to take part in illegal activities. Subsequently, Mrs. D was able to make a convincing argument that if she and her husband, along with her two boys (both U.S. citizens) were to return to Mexico, they would be targeted by Los Zetas due to the fact that her parents had fallen out of favor. To be sure, our office had also done extensive research and were able to provide the authorities with several articles by respected news sources that emphasized the pressure that the gangs were exerting on the populace in our clients’ native land which went as far as the murder of entire families specifically children.


Our efforts paid off because our clients were granted permission to remain in the United States while their case for asylum was being processed and at the end of January 2020 their I-765 visa applications were approved enabling Mr. and Mrs. D to legally work here; an important step towards freedom, safety, and security.

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