Asylum for a Single Mom

In early 2019, our client Ms. C arrived at our Columbus Immigration Law office from Venezuela seeking Asylum. Because of her political views against the current regime, she feared for her and her son’s lives.

How it Started

Back in 2003 when there was a recall referendum against President Chavez promoted by the opponent party, and Ms. C registered with her full name, fingerprint and ID for the recall referendum was to avoid the president to stay with the power. Then a few weeks later men came knocking on her door threatening her and her family to change their views. Eventually, she was discriminated against and lost her job. Being a single parent, it was hard for Ms. C to support herself and her son. They fled to the United States knowing they would never be able to return.

Against the Clock

Our Columbus Immigration Law office with assistance from our main office in Cleveland applied for Ms. C’s I-765, Application for Employment Authorization as well as her I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal. We had no time to waste, Ms. C was coming up on one year of entering the United States and we needed to file before the deadline.

The interview was finally scheduled for February 27, 2020, and within 2 weeks we had approval. Ms. C and her son can live without fear of the government and start their new lives in the United States.

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