Asylum approved for Chinese Christian with help of a surprising expert witness

Miss T from China entered the U.S. with a fraudulent passport; however, Immigration officials immediately caught her and placed her in an immigration detention center. Her panicked mother contacted the New York office of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, and we sprang into action. When ICE detains a client, it is always an urgent situation!

We helped Miss T file an I-589 application for asylum and represented her with the immigration court. Miss T was a Christian, baptized by the Roman Catholic Church. Since most asylees flee their countries with few documents to prove their cases, sometimes some creativity and persistence are required. We enlisted the help of the Roman Catholic nun who had been visiting Miss T in detention and who had served as her godmother at her baptism. At first, the nun was reluctant to give her testimony, because members of her order did not normally intercede in these situations. In the end, though, she decided to help because of Miss T’s sincere adherence and belief in the Faith.

Miss T’s individual hearing on the merits of her asylum was a tense affair. The immigration judge seemed skeptical of Miss T’s testimony, and even seemed to discount the testimony of the Catholic nun. However, in the end, Miss T’s asylum was granted. She recently received her Green Card so that she can live in the United States and practice her religion in peace, thanks to the help of a Roman Catholic nun and Margaret W Wong & Associates.

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