Malaysian immigrant gets motion to reopen approved and subsequent Green Card

Appeal denied

A woman originally from Malaysia retained our firm to adjust status and get her green card. Before coming to our firm, this client had previously been denied a request for asylum and her appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals had also been denied. She had married a U.S. Citizen and, once her husband’s petition for her had been approved, filed a Motion to Reopen her case with the Board of Immigration Appeals. This was also denied, and the client came to our firm to try to reopen her case again and adjust status. Our firm filed another Motion to Reopen the client’s case, which was approved. We then filed the client’s application to adjust status based on her U.S. Citizen husband. However, due to unexpected circumstances, we were unable to continue with this petition.

There is hope

We continued discussing options with the client, and discovered that the client also had an approved petition from her U.S. Citizen sister. We applied for adjustment of status based on this petition and, after a successful hearing, the client’s adjustment of status application was approved. At the time of the client’s hearing, her priority date was current, but it then retrogressed meaning that the client had to wait until the priority date was current to receive her green card. Our staff continued to check in with the State Department and, after a 20 month wait, our client finally received her green card. We look forward to working with this client in a few years to apply for naturalization.

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