Just like other courts, immigration courts have an appeals process. An appeal is a request to review a decision of an Immigration Judge or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. This is usually done through the Board of Immigration Appeals. We have many years of experience and many skilled lawyers and staff who are experts in arguing these appeals. We have helped many clients get out of jail, reopen their case, gain asylum, or get their Green Card after going through the appeals process. Our team never gives up, and neither should you. Read our Success Stories about clients that we have helped through the process. If you have a denial, do not despair, do not delay, contact us today!

Malaysian immigrant gets motion to reopen approved and subsequent Green Card

Appeal denied A woman originally from Malaysia retained our firm to adjust status and get her green card. Before coming to our firm, this client had previously been denied a request for asylum and her appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals had also been denied. She had married a U.S. Citizen and, once her husband’s petition for her had been approved, filed a Motion to Reopen her case with

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BIA appeal won – cancellation of removal granted

The need to appeal Our client is a 30 year old citizen and national of Mexico.  He has lived in the United States since 1994.  He has two United States citizen children, ages 12 and 9, and a United States citizen wife.  The biological mother of the 12 year old child was incarcerated when the child was young and our client gained full physical custody of the girl.  The mother

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Never give up

Asylum denied A client requested asylum from an immigration judge based on his fear of returning to Mexico. In April of 2013, during the course of his immigration proceedings, the client was detained by ICE due to a 2012 DUI conviction. Bond was denied by ICE, the immigration judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals. Shortly after his detention, his asylum case was denied. While appealing the asylum case, we

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BIA appeal for 212(k) waiver

Did not receive Green Card properly Our client hired us after she was placed in removal proceedings for obtaining her green card improperly.  It was alleged that she engaged in fraud when she entered the United States on an immigrant visa knowing that her husband had passed away.  Although our client should not have been able to enter as a lawful permanent resident at the time, we argued that she

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Woman’s deportation results in precedent-setting case and her Green Card

Don’t go Alone! When you’re foreign born without permanent residency, and the Department of Homeland Security holds your passport, and then asks you to stop by for a visit, don’t go alone! Our client hired us in early 2007 with just that scenario. Mrs. M and her husband had gradually built a successful restaurant business in the US; Mr. M was a United States Citizen, but Mrs. M was without legal

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Another huge circuit court win

Mom adjusts status but can’t adjust daughter On June 6, 2016, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 43-page precedential decision striking down the regulation that precluded our client from adjusting status. Our client’s mother was married to a United States citizen when our client was over 18 but under 21. Her mother came as a K-3 non-immigrant and our client entered the United States as a K-4. Our client’s mother was

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Withholding of removal granted

Application denied Our client hired us after his Withholding of Removal Application was denied by the Immigration Judge and Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).  He had not argued for asylum eligibility because he did not file within one year.  We took over the case and filed a petition for review with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  Attorney Scott Bratton filed the briefs and argued the case at the Eleventh

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