Womensafe Casino Royale Fundraiser

Our second event for Saturday, February 2nd, took us to the Patrician Party Center on Lakeland Blvd. in Eastlake where we took part in the 18th annual Casino Royale fundraiser on behalf of WomenSafe, Inc. Womensafe is a domestic violence center in its 39th year of operation whose mission is to provide emergency shelter and support services to survivors of domestic violence throughout Northeast Ohio.

The emcee for the evening was our good friend Mr. Christopher Axelrod, commonly known as “Peacock” because he owns the largest collection of coats in the world. Humorously, this evening he vowed to change into no fewer than 18 of them, although not all at once.  Mr. Axelrod praised the three event partners who have been consistent in their support for WomenSafe over the years: Leading Lady, SITE Centers, and Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance. He also noted that there were quite a few other sponsors including Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC who was a “Queen of Hearts” sponsor. Plus many people and/or organizations contributed a lot of door prizes to help raise money. He then talked about all of the fun activities planned for the night including a silent auction, a wine pull, and, of course, gaming. “There’s two rules here tonight,” said Mr. Axelrod, “bid high and have fun!”

In addition, for the first time there would be a “dessert dash” in which each table would collect donations and place them in an envelope to be collected and totaled.  Then the tables that which collected the most money would be, in the order of the amount, the first to send a designated “dasher” to grab a scrumptious dessert from a table that offered a wide variety of high calories treats. To no surprise, the tactic paid off handily since it generated $3,507.41!

Of course, we had a good time all evening. However, we never lost site that the purpose of this evening was to support WomenSafe. The organization “was founded in 1980 by a group of citizens who were concerned about local women and their children who were living in violent homes… WomenSafe responds to the needs of victims experiencing domestic violence and provides education in the community aimed at reducing the incidence of domestic violence and making the community aware of what help is available.”

Ms. Megan Fisher, Assistant Director of Community Affairs, was instrumental in organizing this highly successful event. Attendance was no fewer than 380 people, 40 more last year’s event. In a private conversation, Ms. Fisher told us that she was grateful for the sponsorship of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC.

In the course of the evening, Mr. Axelrod naturally asked Ms. Fisher make a few remarks. She shared the fact that the previous day, the local police brought a mother and her children to the shelter; thus it was now at full capacity so the funds raised this evening would matter a lot.

She emphasized that those involved with WomenSafe, wanted their clients to be safe from further abuse but also wanted to provide them with the necessary advocacy, educational resources, and confidence so that they can lead fulfilling lives in the future.