St. Andrew Ukrainian Festival

On Saturday, September 4th, we stopped off at the Ukrainian Festival that took place at the hall and picnic grove of St. Andrew Ukrainian Catholic Church on Hoertz Road in Parma.

This festival was sponsored in part by Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC and, for sure, there were a lot of vendor booths advertising/selling culturally related products and/or services such as the Ukrainian Academy After School Program located not far from where we live in Parma Heights. There was also plenty of delicious Ukrainian food available for consumption, but we’ll talk about that more later.

We soon set out to find the festival coordinator to talk with him about the festival and its significance but he was hard at work on another task so we were hesitant to interrupt him although we are sure he would have gladly allocated time for us.

Instead, we visited for a few minutes with a charming young woman named Taissa who was working in the dining hall. Taissa told us that she was baptized at St. Andrew Church when she was an infant and has been participating in this festival since she was old enough to “tag along” with her parents. What’s more, Taissa told us that she was married here and plans to have her own baby, due in several months, baptized here too.

Taissa went on tell us that her grandparents (i.e. both maternal and paternal) came to the United States in the 1950’s as refugees and played a role in the creation of this church.

To no surprise, Taissa loves the Ukrainian festival because it gives the parishioners a chance to socialize with each other and to share food and culture with visitors.

As for the food, we, ourselves, love European cuisine but were expected home soon for supper. Therefore, we allowed ourselves the indulgence of just one scrumptious pierogi even though they were sold in groupings of three.

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