Paco Gavrilides at the First Friday Club

On Thursday, September 9th, we attended the First Friday Club luncheon, held at the City Club of Cleveland, wherein the program was titled “How to Live Courageously Catholic” and the speaker was Mr. Francisco (Paco) Gavrilides who currently serves as Homiletics (i.e. art of preaching or writing sermons) Instructor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.

As the program notes read, “…as a teacher, speaker, and evangelist, Paco has worked with many dioceses, movements, and individuals both nationally and internationally. He has been especially active in leadership formation, men’s ministry, family ministry, and evangelization among Hispanics and African Americans.”  

Among those that Paco has worked with include people who have immigrated to the United States and arrive in need of guidance. To his credit, Paco emphasized the importance of helping such newcomers maintain their foundational moral and spiritual beliefs (i.e. a tough thing to do in our society) as well as how to improve their material lot.

Indeed, Paco impressed us as being a committed individual who has witnessed for his faith in all kinds of circumstances over the years. To be sure, some of these venues have been quite dangerous like his time in Nicaragua, but he persevered and inspired others to do likewise.  

Moreover, Paco seemed like a genuine, caring person who was acting out of concern for all peoples as well as his love of God and the Catholic faith, so we very much enjoyed visiting with him as well as listening to him speak.  

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