HRC Bowling Night, Tolerance Fair, and VegGala

What better way to start off the first day of daylight savings time than with a good lunch. On top of losing an hour’s sleep, we were bowling late into the night (or shall we say Sunday morning) with the Human Rights Campaign on Saturday. So on Sunday we recovered and went to St. Mary’s in Collinwood for a luncheon benefit for the Slovenian Mission Aid Society, an organization that works with Slovenian missionaries in Asia, Africa, and South America. A wonderful meal of salad, potatoes, rice and 2 kinds of meat was served for the guests and we were thankful.  We also got to speak to several people who had been working on this project for years and were very impressed by a woman in her 80s who was still actively involved.
Feeling satisfied, we drove over to the Cleveland Convention Center for the annual Tolerance Fair which consisted of about 140 tables by non-profits and resource organizations in Northeast Ohio which were there to educate the people about who they are and who they serve and offer volunteer opportunities to those who want to get involved and aid their communities. The key organizer of this event was a remarkable young man named Justin Bachman who is a junior at Solon High Solon. Jason suffers from Tourette Syndrome, severe ADHD, and dysgraphia. Yet instead letting these disabilities slow him down, Jason has been motivated to help others with similar afflictions. We were very proud to shake Jason’s hand on this day. We took a turn around the event and spoke with representatives from various organizations. It should also be noted that some of our bowling buddies from the Human Rights Campaign were there and we had a good time recalling the night before.

Anyone who thinks that vegan dishes are mere “rabbit food” should have come with us to the 2nd annual VegGala presented by the Cleveland Vegan Society at Brennan’s Party Center which was absolutely packed with people enjoying food from 25 local eateries (if we named one we would have to name them all, just to be fair) that was both nutritious and scrumptious. We got to talk to Megan Johnson, President of the Cleveland Vegan Society, who was happy to see us there and delighted by the turnout, and to our friend, Cuyahoga Councilperson Sunny Simon (whose fundraiser we attended last week), who is the Vice President of the organization. Offering the opening remarks was Emily Valdez from Fox 8 News who told us that she became a vegan after witnessing the cruel way animals were treated at egg and dairy farms. The only trouble with the VegGala was that the food was so good that it was easy to eat too much. So we left early and headed to the gym.