The Greater Cleveland Partnership

This week we attended two events put on by the Greater Cleveland Partnership.
The first one took place on Monday morning, June 23rd at the office of the Greater Cleveland Partnership on Huron Road East in Cleveland. It was a “Morning Conversation” with Mr. Chris Quinn, Vice President of Content for the Northeast Ohio Media Group which means that it is his responsibility to set the journalistic priorities and digital news strategy for that company.

He was here to talk about the Northeast Ohio Media Group as well as the changes at the “Plain Dealer” where he worked for 17 years. We got to talk to Mr. Quinn about the problems we often have about looking up news stories according to subject matter on the new website of the “Plain Dealer” so Mr. Quinn shared with us a technique that he uses that seems to work. Above all, Mr. Quinn predicted that with the advent of computers people will eventually “leave the written page” and go to a website to get the news.

About 12 people attended this event including our friend Mr. Jose Feliciano with the Hispanic Alliance. We also got to Mr. Marty McGann who is the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s new Vice President of State and Local Government Affairs. And Mr. Bruce Hennes of Hennes Paynter Communications says hello to Ms. Margaret W. Wong.

The second event took place on Thursday afternoon, June 26th, at Lincoln Electric on St. Clair Avenue in Euclid. The program was titled “Journey from Contract Manufacturer to Owner” and it was co-hosted by the Greater Cleveland Partnership and MAGNET. It consisted of three Northeast Ohio business people describing how they made this transition from being the party that contracts with a firm for components/products (an out-sourcer) to being the party who champions the product, facilitates production decisions, and has the final say about the product.

The people we heard from were Mr. Asad Khan who is Chief Technology Officer at Kent Displays; Mr. Chris Carroll who is the President of Flavorseal; and Mr. Larry Jutte who is President and Chief Operating Officer of Ernie Green Industries, Inc.

During the break and before the program we talked to the other attendees and found several who were familiar with Margaret W. Wong and Associates like Mr. Steven Haas, Attorney with Fay Sharpe, LLP who has worked with us before as has Ms. Tracie Roberts, VP of Client Services for Fathom. Ms. Roberts went on to say that our firm is helping a friend of hers obtain citizenship.

We visited the website for the Greater Cleveland Partnership which states that “With more than 14,000 member, the Greater Cleveland Partnership is a membership association of Northeast Ohio companies and organizations and one of the largest metropolitan chambers of commerce in the nation.” Its mission is “to mobilize private sector leadership, expertise and resources to create attractive business conditions that create jobs, grow investment and improve the economic prosperity of the region.”

The two events that we saw this week certainly indicate that it is fulfilling its mission.