Golf Outing in Columbia Station

On Monday, August 18th, the Olmsted Chamber of Commerce held their 11th Annual Golf Outing at the Columbia Hills Country Club on East River Road in Columbia Station. We were invited because we are members of the North Coast Chamber of Commerce which collaborated with the Olmsted Chamber on the event. Unfortunately, we didn’t believe that regular golf was our game (although we really enjoy minature golf) but we decided to attend the dinner at 5pm after the golfing was completed.
The two main organizers of the golf outing were Ms. Ann Reichie of Angelina’s Pizza in Olmsted Falls and Ms. Carrie Weise from Oasis Salon in Columbia Station and both of them were more than happy to accept our last-minute reservation. All of the participants were also appreciative of the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Judy Monin of Monin Nationwide Insurance who are members of the Columbia Hills Country Club and helped secure it as a location.

We enjoyed a good dinner and discovered that we were mistaken about the spirit of the golf outing which was, more than anything, just friends getting together and having a good time. In fact on the podium in front of our table was a quote by the comedienne Phyllis Diller which read, “the reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing.”

We sat at the same table as the first place winning team which called itself “The Eye Place” composed of Dr. Scott L. Sedlacek, O.D. and his three friends Mr. Neal Durigg, Mr. Adam Odon, and Mr. Scott Abercrombie. We got to speak for a while with our friend Mr. John Sobolewski, Executive Director of the North Coast Chamber of Commerce who told us that everyone was relieved when 102 people turned out to play golf today because, as of last week, only 40 people had signed up so all of those involved re-doubled their efforts and most of the players enlisted at the last minute. Another friend that we saw again tonight was Ms. Joanne Kleem of Tony K’s Bar and Grill in Berea. Ms. Kleem is a relative of Mayor Cyril Kleem of Berea and we have been to Tony K’s quite a few times over the last few years for various events.

As we were leaving we visited for a moment with Mr. Mike Aerni of Conserv-Air in Cleveland who told us that very much like ourselves, he was not a accomplished golfer but he came today for the enjoyment and the fellowship and got plenty of both. Mr. Aerni encouraged us to go out there and play ourselves sometime. Thus, we walked back over to Mr. Sobolewski and learned that the North Coast Chamber will be hosting their own golf game on September 26th at the Springdale Golf Course in North Olmsted.

We plan to go and not just for dinner this time.