BioOhio and CAMEO

The literature for BioOhio says that it is “a membership organization that builds and accelerates bioscience industry, research and education in Ohio. Founded in 1987, now with over 420 member, BioOhio is focused on networking the outstanding bioscience assets of Ohio to accelerate growth of a globally competitive bioscience industry.”
So on Wednesday, June 11th, we attended a networking session for BioOhio at the Market Garden Brewery on West 25th Street because we believed that people who work in the fields of science and engineering have a lot of contacts throughout the world and some of them might be interested in immigrating to the United States.

As far as networking goes, this proved to be a very successful event. We counted up the business cards that we collected after we got home and found out that they totaled 35!

And several people that we talked to indicated that they may come to Margaret W. Wong and Associates in the future regarding immigration matters. One person said that he knows two people from India who are struggling with some Visa problems. Another person just got back from Hungary and met some people who might be interested in immigrating to the United States because they are software engineers, which are in high demand here. A person who is an MBA candidate at the Monte Ahuja College of Business at CSU promised to refer us to a foreign born friend. Finally, there was an entrepreneur who wanted to know about EB5’s because he has connections with business people in several countries who have expressed interest.

Of course there were people there who knew of Ms. Wong. Dr. Fehmida Kapadia, Ph.D used to work for a nonprofit called Asha and had contact with Ms. Wong at that time. A person named Steve told us that Ms. Wong helped a friend of his become a citizen. Melissa C. Piazza, Research Associate for the Center of Economic Development at CSU, said that she is a “big fan of Ms. Wong”. Another person told us that she and Ms. Wong were supposed to have lunch together but due to their busy schedules, it never happened but she is still game to do it.

Along these lines, we visited for a moment with John F. Lewis, Jr., President and CEO of BioOhio, who smiled and said that he met Ms. Wong briefly years ago yet, even so, looks forward to receiving her Holiday card each year.

Sometimes, especially if we have another happening to attend, we leave certain events before they are over but we stayed at the BioOhio event for over two hours until it concluded. We then headed over to the Holiday Inn on Rockside Road in Independence for the monthly CAMEO meeting.

We were happy when Judge Rocky Perk and Judge Marilyn Cassidy took time out of their busy schedules to attend tonight’s meeting because there was a lot to talk about.

First, Pierre Bejjani told us that the CAMEO Banquet that we attended on May 2nd was a fine success and that he had received several letters from various attendees telling him how much they enjoyed it.

Then we reviewed the plans for the CAMEO Picnic, which is alway a lot of fun, which will take place this year on July 20th in Middleburg Heights.

The big topic of discussion, however, was the endorsing of political candidates in the November, 2014 election. Board Member Paul Marnecheck has done a lot of work on this procedure which he reviewed for us:

***on July 7th the application for endorsement will be mailed and/or emailed out to all of those running this election. July 30th is the deadline for these applications to be emailed back.
***on August 13th candidates night will take place in which all who sent back their applications will be allowed to speak for three minutes. Sometime between August 13th and September 13th a committee will meet and make recommendations regarding who the club should endorse
***on September 13th the CAMEO membership will consider the committee’s recommendations and they vote on who will receive the endorsements

We have attended CAMEO’s candidates night several times in the past and really like it because most of the major candidates running in the Cleveland area make an effort to be there so we feel we leave more knowledgeable at the end of the evening. CAMEO’s endorsement also carries a lot of political weight; after the November, 2013 election Pierre did some math and was proud to tell us that almost 75% of the candidates endorsed by CAMEO went on to win their contests.

Judge Rocky Perk shared with us the information about the 53rd Annual Captive Nations Commemoration Dinner of the American Nationalities Movement which will take place on Thursday, July 17th at the Wal-Tams Grand Ballroom in Garfield Heights. This year’s honorees will be Francis A Rutkowski (from the Polish Community) and Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Betty Hosticka (from the Bohemian National Hall) along with U.S. Senator Rob Portman who promises to be there. CAMEO plans to purchase a table here and we look forward to attending.

Lastly, Pierre Bejjani told us that it looks like CAMEO is finally going to have a website because he had found a person from Toledo who will put it together for us for a reasonable price. We sure hope that this comes together because CAMEO has a lot to offer and a good website will help them to offer it.