Asian Heritage Day at City Hall

On Wednesday, May 28th, Margaret W. Wong and Associates was proud to sponsor the Asian Heritage Day Celebration hosted by the Community Relations Board (CRB) in the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda. Ms. Chia-Min Chen, Asian Liaison of the CRB worked very hard to make this a successful event and it was indeed.
We were able to see and re-connect with a lot of old friends like Pierre Bejjani, Joseph Meissner, Gia Hoa Ryan, Jason Lin, Paramjit Singh, Elizabeth Miller,and, of course, Dan and Debbie Hanson of

Moreover, the keynote speaker was Margaret W. Wong who spoke briefly but effectively about how Asians are gaining in prominence and how she looks confidently forward to having an Asian on the U.S. Supreme Court. Along these lines, Ms. Wong urged all parents to encourage their children to attend college and/or learn a professional trade so that they will be ready when their moment comes. To be sure, however, she emphasized that not all Asians are alike because each Asian country has its own culture and all people are individuals no matter where they come from. Nevertheless, said Ms. Wong as she concluded her speech, today on Asian Heritage Day we need to unite and be together and work together so that the Asian community can achieve its potential.

Among the other fine speakers were Mayor Frank Jackson and Mr. Blaine A. Griffin, Executive Director of the CRB. Mayor Jackson thanked the Asian community for “being who you are and what you have done for Cleveland” and Mr. Griffith noted that there are 117 different ethnic cultures in Cleveland but this evening was devoted to the Asian Pacific Culture.

Pastor Grady Stevenson was the Master of Ceremonies and Mr. Michael Sreshta beautifully played our National Anthem on his saxophone.

The last hour of the celebration consisted of representatives from various Asian community groups and organizations taking the stage for 30 seconds and telling us who they are and what they do. There were 63 groups/organizations in all including the Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland American Middle East Organization, and the Federation of India Community Association of Northeast Ohio. Two of these groups/organizations used part of their allotted time to thank Margaret W. Wong for her sponsorship and these were Knights of Rizal of Cleveland Chapter and the Cleveland Coalition for Peace and Non Violence.

As she was introducing the various groups/organizations, Ms. Chia-Min Chen said that this was all about working together and by doing so we can make “Cleveland the thriving, metropolitan city that we deserve to be” and as the evening was concluding she said that “we are one city together, we work with each other, we help each other, we grow with each other.”

It is these words, along with what Margaret W. Wong said in her speech, that probably best captured the spirit of the evening.