Healthy Living and Easter Open House

On Saturday, April 19th, we were invited by our good friend Asim Datta of the Federation of India Community Associations of Northeast Ohio (FICA) to attend an event at the India Community Center in Cleveland Heights titled “Healthy Eating-Active Living” presented by the State of Ohio Commission on Minority Health, FICA, Asian Services in Action, and the Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum. Sujata Burgess, Program Manager of Asian Services in Action, was the main coordinator but she received help from several volunteers to put on this program which consisted of blood pressure screenings, an interactive exercise session, as well as many suggestions for healthy eating. We also attended a presentation by Sharon Teel, who works with the Expanded Food and Education Program at Ohio State University, called “Staying Healthy: Reducing the Risk of Cancer Through Diet” which was most informative and eye-opening about what everyone could be doing to improve their diet. For reasons that are both personal and community-oriented, we are very glad that we took time to attend this event.
We had a special reason for attending an Easter Open House at Select Jewelers in the Parmatown Mall which was that we are proud that we helped the owner, Nabeel Athar and his wife Salma with the immigration process. Nabeel and Salma came to the U.S. from Pakistan in 2001 and 2002 respectively and the newly arrived Nabeel learned the jewelry business thoroughly by working in a jewelry store whose owner was also at the open house. Next, he had his own stand in Randall Park Mall (which is no longer) before buying this store in Parmatown in 2004. With our help he and Salma are ecstatically on their way to becoming U.S. citizens! Salma, who works with CMA Global Interation at Cuyahoga Community College, is expected to become a citizen in 2015 and Nabeel will follow in 2016. Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive at the Open House until later in the day but we were glad to find so many well-wishers still present for Nabeel and Salma and we couldn’t be happier for them because they are taking advantage of this country’s wonderful opportunities to achieve their goals and are a true contribution to our community.