Our Employees Give Back

Every year the Association of Philippine- American Physicians of Ohio (APPO) goes home to the Philippines to conduct a free medical-surgical mission. The goal of the association is to serve our less fortunate countrymen and provide medical and surgical services. The association (APPO) members consists of Filipino doctors, surgeons, nurses, other healthcare professionals and volunteers . Majority of the members are Filipinos who became American citizens. The association raise money each year through galas and festivals. The proceeds all go the association to purchase medicines and medical supplies. We also go to Medwish to get some of medical supplies needed for our surgical mission.

This year, APPO conducted the medical-surgical mission in Silang Cavite, a province outside Metro Manila. We serviced indigent Filipinos and provided free medical assessments, diagnostic treatments and medications. We also provided surgical treatments. Some of the members also pitched in to buy rice, tooth paste and tooth brushes that were also distributed.

I am fortunate to join the association this year to support their mission. Mrs. Wong and her good office contributed monetary donation that was used to purchase over 800 pairs of slippers that were distributed to children and families. I also assisted in distributing prescribed medicines.

All the members take time from our work and pay for our own expenses like airfare, accommodations and food. We work hard everyday to provide our less fortunate countrymen the help they so deserve. The smiles in their faces and their endless gratitude are the reasons we always want to go home and give back.

To all the donors (or if you would like to donate) , we extend our heartfelt gratitude in making this medical and surgical mission a success.