Ohio Supreme Court Melody Stewart

In the early evening of Tuesday, February 26th, we went to the Butcher and the Brewer on East 4th Street to attend a reception for Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody J. Stewart, whom we supported in the November, 2018 election when she was elected. Ms. Rachel Grossi greeted us and told us that she is a good friend of Mr. Jose Juarez, our associate at Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC. A short time later Mr. Juarez himself  turned up and not only confirmed this, but also posed for a photo with Ms. Rossi and Judge Stewart.

The gathering took place in the downstairs section of the brewpub which soon became packed with Judge Stewart’s supporters like Ms. Jan Roller, Mr. Chris Redfern, Ms. Betsy Rader, and Mr. Rick Rymond. In addition, several of our local judiciary were present including Judges Maureen Clancey, Deborah Turner, Donna Fitzsimmons, as well as Diane Karpinski, now retired. We enjoyed visiting with Dr. Stephen Werber, Professor Emeritus at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, who was there with his daughter, Rabbi Lauren Werber of Temple B’nai Abraham in Elyria.

When it was time for Judge Stewart to say a few words, she thanked everyone who served on the host committee for this event including Ms. Margaret W. Wong. She went on to say that things have been going at a “whirlwind” pace for her lately. Indeed, she was elected in November, in December was officially sworn-in, and reviewed her first case in early January. This case happened to involve the death penalty, so it was certainly a heavy one to start with.

Nevertheless, Judge Stewart maintained that she was proud to be a member of our state’s highest court and expressed her gratitude to Ms. Rossi, a terrific fundraiser, and her campaign manager, Mr. Ernie Davis. Regarding Mr. Davis, Judge Stewart smiled broadly as she jokingly called him “the only man I ever allowed to order me around.” As for Mr. Davis, we had spoken with him earlier and were greatly impressed by his resume regarding the guidance of successful political endeavors. He let us know that he considered Judge Stewart to be “one of the most qualified people” that he had ever worked for.