Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s 2021 State of the City Speech

In the evening of Thursday, October 7th, we attended Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s 16th and final State of the City address that took place at Cleveland Public Hall directly across City Hall on Lakeside Avenue.

Pertaining to Cleveland, Mayor Jackson went into detail as he reviewed such areas as financial stability, public health and safety, education, and provisions for the future.

What really interested us, however, is how the mayor wrapped up his remarks particularly when he shared the very wise advice that he gives to people seeking to hold public office which is to come with a genuine “purpose” and consider the office one seeks as only a “tool” for fulfilling that purpose. Otherwise, without a purpose, the office seeker is especially vulnerable in terms of manipulation and corruption.

As for ourselves, we have very much-admired Mayor Jackson throughout his tenure and have respected his decisions/courses of action even though we might not have always agreed with them.

The mayor arrived early at Cleveland Public Hall, so we were able to thank him for his service on behalf of Ms. Margaret W. Wong, one of his very strong supporters.

Also present at the 2021 State of the City was Ms. Ruby Eng, a horticulturist who immigrated to the United States many years ago from China and takes care of our plants at Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC.

In addition, we got to shake hands with such notables as Ms. Jacqueline Muhammad, Senior Manager of Government and Customer Relations at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority; Mr. Julian Rogers, Executive Director of Local Government and Community Relations for CWRU; Mr. Eric Gordon, CEO of Cleveland Metropolitan School District; Cleveland City Councilperson Blaine Griffin (Ward 6); and our good friends Mr. Pierre Bejjani and Mr. Joe Cimperman, respectively the presidents of the Cleveland American Middle East Organization and Global Cleveland.

Sitting just one row over from us was Mr. Albert Ratner, Co-Chairman of the Board of Forest City Enterprises, Inc. who told us that he believes that the Mayor Jackson has done a great job and has been a consistent presence at all his State of the City addresses!

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