Magnum Lunch at Bo Loong

Mr. Hanson and Friends

Our second networking event for Thursday, December 6th, was the annual Magnum luncheon that took place at the Bo Loong restaurant on St. Clair Avenue and was organized by our friend, Mr. Dan Hanson, who explained to us that the some 75 invitees included people involved with the websites that Mr. Hanson coordinates with the help of his sister, Ms. Debbie Hanson, like;;  and

As is written by Mr. Hanson on the Magnum website, “each year we like to gather an eclectic group of friends and business associates for a holiday lunch.” This “eclectic group” includes political, business, educational, non-profit, and civic leaders; people devoted to technological advancement; those involved with cultural organizations that promote diversity; and some terrific people whose livelihood would be tough to categorize.

When we were settled at our tables, Mr. Hanson explained to us that the thread that linked us all together was that everyone at the luncheon felt passionately about Cleveland and was working to make it a better place.

Accordingly, we visited with Mr. Brad Sussman, who at one time was a weather forecaster and now owns a successful insurance agency, and Mr. Zhenting Men, Vice President of the Cleveland International Fund, who recalled encountering several members of the Margaret W. Wong and Associates, LLC team at a seminar at CSU about a month ago.

Throughout the luncheon, Mr.. Anjan Ghose volunteered his services to take photos and did a lovely job. Like other years, everyone in attendance was asked to share who they were and what Cleveland means to them. Several of the attendees who were foreign-born spoke about what it was like immigrating to the United States and settling here while Mr. David Flesher, Vice Provost of International Affairs at CWRU talked about how personally rewarding that it was to work with young internationals who had the potential to transform the Northeast Ohio region for the better.

At the conclusion, Mr. Hanson smiled as he appropriately proclaimed that “you are Cleveland and Cleveland is you!” Among one of the more pointed testimonials was that of Mr. Les Roberts who recalled that he was quite guarded when he initially came to Cleveland in the late 1980’s because, based on what he had heard, he didn’t think he would like it. But, not only did he like it, Mr. Roberts decided to move here. What’s more, he used Cleveland as a setting for 19 of his novels.