Lorain Chamber of Commerce Holiday Reception

Our last item for Thursday, December 6th, was an event where, once again, the purpose was networking and sharing. This time we drove to Lorain, cautiously timing our trip to avoid a short but potent blast of snow, to attend the 2018 Holiday Reception of the Lorain Chamber of Commerce which took place at the Elyria Country Club.

While we were there, no speeches took place; instead everyone simply enjoyed tasty food at the different food stations and visited with each other as a small orchestra played Holiday favorites.

In the course of several of the conversations that we had, immigration emerged as a topic. For instance, with civility we discussed the pros and cons of “merit-based” immigration policies with two people who were genuinely curious. A few minutes later, Ms. Sharon Pearson, a member of the Oberlin City Council, updated us on what is taking place in terms of sanctuary cities. Lastly, we chatted with Mr. Roberto Davila, a Vice Principal in the Cleveland Metropolitan School, who has a copy of Ms. Margaret W. Wong’s book, The Immigrant’s Way.

Speaking of Ms. Wong, we ran into an old friend of hers, Ms. Linda Hamann, Marketing & Business Development Manager of University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center, who said to extend to Ms. Wong her best wishes for the holidays. 

We then talked with Ms. Denise Gula Weller, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hearts of Patriots, who said to be sure to thank Ms. Wong for generously supporting her organization.

Lastly, we talked to a nice guy named Brian who didn’t know too much about the services provided by Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC but recalled recently seeing Ms. Wong being interviewed on TV and was very impressed by her knowledge and just LOVED the “funky” red-framed, glasses she was wearing. “Those glasses should be her trademark, if they are not already,” said Brian.