Labor Day Parade

All Labor Day weekend we looked forward to Monday September 7th when we could participate in the 11th Congressional District Community Caucus’ 50th annual Labor Day Parade which gathered at the corner of East 147th Street and Kinsman Road and then proceeded westward on Kinsman to MLK Drive where it concluded at Luke Easter Park.

From experience, we knew that despite the Covid-19 pandemic the crowd would be quite large and parking spaces in proximity would be comparatively few, so we arrived an hour ahead of time.

Shortly after we parked, an old friend of ours called out to us that he will never forget the speech that Ms. Margaret W. Wong gave several years ago at the Lincoln-West High School commencement ceremony and that young people really enjoyed the stuffed tigers that we handed out that, upon being squeezed, advertised our services in several languages.

We always enjoy meeting local dignitaries so, on this occasion, we got to say hello to John Cranley, the Mayor of Cincinnati, who is running for Governor of Ohio next year.

We also shook hands with and Cleveland Mayoral candidate Zack Reed and greeted Cleveland City Councilperson and Mayoral candidate Basheer Jones.

We couldn’t get too close to Mayoral candidates Justin Bibb or Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley, but they smiled as we took their photos as their supporters surrounded them.

To be sure, very few things are more gratifying than watching an experienced pro like former U.S. Congressperson Kucinich at the top of his game, although we admire and respect all seven candidates in the race to be the next Mayor of Cleveland.

It thus goes without saying that we are anxious to see which two of them end up in the runoff after the primary on September 14th.  

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