Happy Birthday & Election Prospects for University Heights’ Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan

On Tuesday, August 10th, we went to the BottleHouse Brewery and Meadery on Lee Road to attend a birthday party/fundraiser for our friend Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan of University Heights.

We did some research and learned that since Mayor Brennan was first elected in 2017 new homes have been constructed, streets have been repaved, finance and fire departments have been improved, and bike lanes have been built. Plus, an Office of Community Policing and Citizens Advisory Committee have been established.

Of particular interest to us at Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC is that University Heights is home to a significant number of people who immigrated to the United States from Russia/Eastern Europe.

In fact, we had several good conversations that evening including one regarding the AFL-CIO endorsement of former U.S. Congressperson Dennis J. Kucinich for Mayor of Cleveland and one pertaining to the resignation of New York governor Andrew Cuomo that was announced earlier in the day.

In addition, we also got to say hello to Judge Lisa Forbes of the 8th District Court of Appeals and Judge William Vodrey of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, both of whom we supported in their successful election efforts.

We were touched by Mayor Anthony Biasiotta of Seven Hills who drove 15-20 miles to attend this event and thus show his support for Mayor Brennan who, we believe, is quite worthy of it.

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