Great Dinner and Dessert at St. Gregory’s Armenian Festival

After we left the LGBT Center, we headed over to St. Gregory of Narek Armenian Church on Richmond Road in Cleveland to have dinner at its annual festival for which Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC was one of the sponsors.

We said hello to Father Hratch Sargsyan who warmly shook our hand while cautioning us, with a smile, that while the line for the dinner buffet might be long, it would be well worth the wait!

Certainly, Father Sargsyan proved to be 100% correct because, even though we had to wait for about twenty minutes, we enjoyed a delicious meal composed of bulger pilaf (cracked wheat cooked with thin egg noodles, chicken broth, and butter); cheese boreg (flaky phyllo dough filled with a butter and cheese mixture); and green beans cooked with olive oil, tomatoes, and sweet onions.

While we were eating, our partner texted us to bring her home “something sweet” so, once again, we stood in a line (devoted to desserts and much quicker) in order to purchase some bourma (phyllo dough with a filling of walnuts rolled into a cylinder and dipped into a sweet syrup); pakhlava (layers of phyllo with a filling of toasted walnuts topped with a delicate syrup); and nazook (flaky pastry rolled with a sweet filing).

To no surprise, the “something sweet” was very much appreciated after we arrived home.

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