Fundraiser for Yemen

Earlier in the week, we had received an invitation from our good friend, Ms. Julia Shearson of CAIR letting us know that a fundraiser to provide relief for Yemen would take place on Saturday evening, December 8th at the Islamic Center of Greater Cleveland in Parma.

Accordingly, we obtained a generous donation from Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC and then drove over to the Islamic Center. There we witnessed a presentation by Dr. Chadi Zaza, CEO and Co-Founder of the Rahma Relief Foundation as well as Mr. Ahmad Al Halabi, the General Manager of the organization. We learned a lot of new information about the situation in Yemen, that, from a humanitarian standpoint, just might be the largest crisis in the world right now.

Along these lines, we learned that 18.8 million people are in need of aid; 14.5 million have no access to sanitary water; 14.8 million have no access to health care; and there are 500,000 suspected cases of cholera.

Before the program started, a couple of the other attendees that were spoke with expressed concern that their contributions might not go to worthy projects but Dr. Zaza and Mr. Al Halabi assured us that the Rahma Relief Foundation works directly with 25 hands-on organizations in Yemen who will well-manage the aid in terms of getting food, medical supplies, and education kits (for youngsters).

We were very impressed by what we learned about the Rahma Relief Foundation that has been active in quite a few countries especially Syria. Its mission is to “empower communities in crisis to recovery through creating lasting solutions, enhance their capacity and promote development and social justice.”

Later in the evening, another presentation was scheduled to be given by Imam Schaib Webb. Unfortunately we could not stay, but we visited with the Imam for a moment who told us that his address would appropriately concern “intersectionality and the need to work with others.”