First Friday Club with Brooke Taylor

Our second event for Thursday, February 7th, was a First Friday Club luncheon at that took place, as almost always, at the City Club of Cleveland.  This program was originally scheduled to take place on January 31st but it was postponed due to inclement weather. Accordingly, even though the number of attendees was not as high as it was for other gatherings, quite a few people still managed to rework their schedules and be present.

At the start of the program, Miss Nevaeh White, a high school student at Villa Angela St. Joseph, offered beautiful opening prayers. In addition, Mr. John Diemer, the current president of the First Friday Club, recognized the service of Mr. John Fitzgerald who served as president in 2018. 

The luncheon speaker was Ms. Brooke Taylor, who has enjoyed a career in media spanning some 20 years, including serving as co-host of the Family Friendly Morning Show on 95.5 The Fish out of Cleveland, Ohio. On this day, Ms. Taylor talked how she had been an awkward and often bullied young girl who suddenly achieved fame as a radio star when she was still in her teens. In spite of this, she had was never really happy until she came to terms with her own Catholic faith which brought her peace and fulfillment.

To be sure, Ms. Taylor has a lovely family; one of the most poignant stories that she shared with us was how she and her husband adopted a special needs child from a Polish orphanage. She felt that the experience has greatly enriched their lives. We talked to Ms. Taylor, who has a very bubbly and joyful personality,  before she spoke and told her that we were proud to work for Ms. Margaret W. Wong who has done so much to help people who have immigrated to the United States. Ms. Taylor was genuinely moved and said that she would love to hear Ms. Wong’s own story. We therefore gave Ms. Taylor a copy of The Immigrant’s Way.