Councilperson Blaine Griffith Runs for Reelection to Cleveland’s Ward 8

On Thursday evening, August 12th, we went to the Sky Lounge at One University Circle to attend a fundraiser for our good friend, Cleveland City Councilperson Blaine Griffith (Ward 8) who is running for re-election.

We have known Councilperson Griffith for a long time ever since he was the Director of Cleveland’s Community Relations Board and consider him to be a very valuable voice regarding the future of our city and region.

Also at the event, was Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton who will be running for governor of Ohio in 2022 and is a good friend of Councilperson Griffith. We spoke to Mayor Whaley for a moment, and she told us that she was very appreciative of the support that she has received from Ms. Margaret W. Wong.

Another person who expressed praise for Ms. Wong was Mr. Darryle Torbert, Director of Public Relations and Registration at Euclid Schools, who told us to thank her for her contributions to the Cleveland Public Library.

For sure, we had several conversations throughout the course of the evening, but our favorite was with two aspiring young guys named Royce and Cyrus who worked, respectively, for the City of Cleveland and the sewer district. We shared a table together and it was enlightening to hear their perspectives on the upcoming Cleveland mayor’s race and other local matters.

In terms of cold liquid refreshment on a hot day, we downed several glasses of a delicious non-alcoholic, tea-based drink called “muddy water” that was prepared by a woman named Katrina who works for “Del’s Catering” her uncle’s business that provided an array of culinary delights for the guests.

Along these lines, we are pleased to report that we spoke with a person who lived “right across the street” from the Pearl Asian Kitchen in Shaker Heights and frequents it quite often. It just so happens that the Pearl Asian Kitchen is owned and operated by Ms. Rose Wong (the sister of Ms. Margaret W. Wong) and we enjoy eating there too.

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