Ceremonial Swearing of U.S. Congressperson Shontel Brown

Officially, newly elected U.S. Congressperson Shontel Brown (Democrat-District 11) was sworn in on November 4th in Washington D.C. by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just two days after overwhelmingly winning a special election to represent an area that includes parts of Cleveland and Akron. 

However, on Sunday afternoon, November 21st, a ceremonial swearing in for U.S. Congressperson Brown was conducted at the Word Church on South Miles Road in Warrensville Heights that was attended by friends, family, local elected officials, political watchers/activists such as us, as well as constituents of Ohio’s 11th district. 

On this occasion, Ohio State Representative Terrence Upchurch acted as emcee and the Congressional oath was delivered by Reverend Dr. Marvin A. McMickle, Pastor Emeritus of Antioch Baptist Church. 

During her speech U.S. Congressperson Brown recalled the struggles of her early years which she so successfully overcame guided by her Christian faith, and how these challenges, in fact, made her stronger. 

As such she expressed happiness that the Build Back Better Act was passed by the House on Friday because it contained provisions that will help young people in the same position as herself in her beginning years. 

With a smile, U.S. Congressperson Brown said that she initially planned for a career in business and dreamed of being part of the Fortune 500; but, as things turned out, the Fortune 500 is now approaching her instead of the other way around. 

Above all, though, U.S. Congressperson Brown emphasized that she is here to serve her constituents in the 11th Congressional District as well as the people of Ohio and the United States as a whole. 

Along these lines, U.S. Congressperson Brown sees her role as being that of a “unifier” and granted that there was a lot of work to be done in areas like fundamental voting rights, the economy, housing, and climate change but she is very much up to the challenge. 

Afterwards, we spoke with U.S. Congressperson Brown for a moment and told her that we are glad for her because we know that she will always be an advocate for constructive comprehensive immigration reform. 

Also taking part in the ceremonies were:

  • Rabbi Steve Denker who gave the invocation in which he urged U.S. Congressperson Brown to "be strong, be resolute and may God be with you."
  • Ms. Kimberly Seats and Ms. Connie Trammell who delivered several musical selections that were uplifting and dynamic.
  • Poet Laureate Honey Bell-Bey who gave a spoken-word performance wherein she likened U.S. Congressperson Brown to the former U.S. Congressperson Shirley Chisholm (now sadly deceased) who was political trailblazer throughout her career.

In addition, Ohio State Rep. Kent Smith (District 8); Akron City Councilperson At Large Ginger Baylor; and Cuyahoga County Council President Pernel Jones, Jr. all gave remarks in which they praised U.S. Congressperson Brown for her integrity for her political skills/performances but mainly for her character and integrity. 

Indeed, Cuyahoga County Council President Jones, who worked with U.S. Congressperson Brown when she served on the county council summed it all up when he upheld her as “a woman of faith and a fighter.”

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