Breakfast with Lake County Engineer

On Thursday, February 14th, we attended a Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Quail Hollow Country Club in Concord where a presentation was given by Mr. James Gill, Lake County Engineer. Mr. Gill spoke about the progress of the replacement of the nearby Vrooman Road Bridge, a badly needed project has been talked about since the 1980’s, but is finally being brought to fruition as the result of a collaboration between his office and ODOT District 12 for an estimated cost of $30 million.

It seemed like the permit process along with the necessary collaborations required to bring such an endeavor off were quite formidable. For example, as the literature that we were given read in part, “the project will impact a portion of an archaeological site that has been determined to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Efforts have been made to minimize impacts to those portions of the site with the project limits. Archaeological monitoring by qualified staff will be performed during the construction to recover and record any archaeological material that may be uncovered…”

Nevertheless, the replacement bridge should be completed and ready for public use by early 2020, barring unforeseen circumstances. While we were at the breakfast, we were glad to re-connect with our friend,  Mr. Larry Lamphier who was unavailable for a while due to an unfortunate accident that he had on the icy roads. When we first started to frequent Lake County gatherings about four years ago, Mr. Lamphier was one of our first contacts and he made several constructive suggestions as to what meetings/get-togethers that we should attend in order to share awareness of the services offered by Margaret W. Wong and Associates, LLC.