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ICE Delivers Donuts to Greenhouse, Then Arrests Foreign-Born Workers

Beware the nice visitors in the lunch room with the boxes of donuts.  They may be ICE.  

In Sandusky, Ohio, on Tuesday, June 5, this is exactly what happened. A man carried boxes of donuts into the lunchroom at a greenhouse and nursery business. When the lunchroom filled up with interested employees, 200 ICE agents surrounded them, with police dogs and guns, arrested the employees, and loaded them into buses.

The targeted business grows plants in greenhouses, runs a garden center with two locations, and sells landscaping services and plants to customers throughout six US states. Their employees include foreign born, many of whom ICE said were using fake IDs and evading taxes. Several of the arrested were released when it was discovered they were US citizens.

There are two kinds of crime in these raids. The biggest crime is the identity theft where Social Security numbers of dead people are sold to unsuspecting migrants who only know they need one to get a job in the US. The foreign-born workers likely do not understand the severity of their part of the crime. The illicit ID sellers are the more serious criminals. They make millions of dollars by selling the fake IDs to migrant workers. But they are very difficult to catch.

The undocumented greenhouse worker is as easy to catch as opening a box of donuts.

What’s a family member to do? A mother or father or son or daughter is arrested in the raid, and held in detention, near or far from home. They may be deported any day. How do you find your loved ones? How do you seek their release? How do you stop them from being deported?

Your immigration attorney can help you will all these questions. It’s likely your family member can be released before deportation. The immigration attorney can make filings and visit your family at the detention facility. They can find out the specific charges and represent your family member in court. Court can be a very scary place, and increasingly the courts are being pressured to process cases quickly, favoring immediate removal. An immigration attorney can help ensure proper judicial consideration is used in your case.

Donuts immigrated to the USA. Donuts have brought prosperity and delight to millions. Do not blame the donut. Call an immigration attorney.  

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