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Helping Foreign Born Human-Trafficking Survivors

We send our thoughts and prayers to the twenty-nine or more survivors of the July 23, 2017, human trafficking tragedy discovered in San Antonio, Texas.  Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the ten who perished. In forty years of practice of immigration and criminal law, I have seen much tragedy, as smugglers target hopeful immigrants with promises of freedom in the United States, only to leave them at death’s door.

We are representing Mr. Manuel Chavez, one of the foreign born victims of the incident.  His family is by his side, and we will do everything in our power to ensure he has the best legal representation.

Major news media have reached out to us, seeking comment by the family. The family have expressed wishes for their privacy while Mr. Chavez recovers. 

What I can say is that these survivors are victims of crime. They are forced into inhuman situations, caught up in promises of smugglers, expecting freedom and reunion with families, only to find a hot prison with no food, water, or air.

But now they’re in America.  US Immigration Law has some promise that foreign born victims of crime, and those undergoing extreme hardship, are afforded every chance to make their case to stay in the USA.

This is where I reach out to my fellow Americans.  Human trafficking is happening every day. It’s an American tragedy of epic proportions – right on our own soil. So much can be done to stop it. These victims of crime need legal representation and financial assistance. 

You can help.  Friends and well-wishers of the San Antonio victims are setting up an account at a non-profit. These funds will go toward helping foreign born victims of human trafficking and other immigration related fraud and crimes.  Details to follow.

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