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Lawful Permanent Resident Status a Dispositive Factor in Determining Entry to the United States

After President Trump's executive order barring entry to refugees and others, including Lawful Permanent Residents (including those with a Green Card), from specific countries, many travelers were impacted, prompting a Brooklyn Federal Judge to issue a ruling blocking a portion of the ban, on Saturday, January 28, 2017. 

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly stated on Sunday, January 29, 2017, that Lawful Permanent Resident status (including possessing a Green Card) is "a dispositive factor in our case-by-case determinations" of the ability to enter the United States, "absent the receipt of significant derogatory information indicating a serious threat to public safety and welfare,."

The Department of Homeland Security further observed that it "immediately began taking steps to comply with the [court] orders" to not bar entry to certain classes of people.

"We are committed to ensuring that all individuals affected by the executive orders, including those affected by the court orders, are being provided all rights afforded under the law.  We are also working closely with airline partners to prevent travelers who would not be granted entry under the executive orders from boarding international flights to the U.S. Therefore, we do not anticipate that further individuals traveling by air to the United States will be affected."




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