South african wins legal permanent residency

One of our clients, a national of South Africa and a resident of Florida married a United States Citizen. The United States Citizen was charged and convicted of a crime that precluded him from petitioning for an alien relative. Our team went to work to assist him in overcoming what is called the Adam Walsh Act bar for petitioners of alien relatives. One of our attorneys attended the interview and convinced the officer and presented evidence that the Petitioner posed no risk to the Beneficiary. The application was pending for well over two years. Attorney contacted the USCIS office in Florida (Jacksonville) where this case was pending to try to push them along. Our office also contacted members of Congress to push the USCIS to adjudicate this application and visa petition. Our Attorney started pushing the USCIS in April 2010, and the case was finally approved on July 27, 2010! Our client is now a legal permanent resident.