Asylum Seekers Awaiting Hearings to be Allowed Into U.S.

Thousands of migrants forced to wait in Mexico whilst their applications are processed are to be allowed to enter the U.S., the government has announced. Those with existing asylum applications can attempt to enter from February 19th under the new plans.

The news comes just days after the White House said the 25,000 asylum seekers would continue to be turned away at the border whilst a ‘new and humane’ process was developed, citing concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alejandro Mayorkas, from the Department of Homeland Security, affirmed that those not eligible to enter the U.S. should avoid travelling to the border. However, those with asylum cases already being processed but were initially denied entry under the previous administration’s border policies can be processed at three select ports of entry as of February 19th. The processing will take time however, with only around 300 of the 25,000 applicants being reviewed every day – an average of 100 per port of entry. There will be strict protocols around COVID-19, with mandatory testing for all those who attempt to enter.

President Biden is reviewing policy around asylum, and said the U.S. would stop sending new asylum seekers back across the border under the controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy. He also ordered a review of Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, rolled out in an effort to crack down on illegal Mexico-U.S. immigration, and saw some 70,000 people removed to Mexico.

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