An Immigration Status Approval Notice is The Most Beautiful Piece of Paper

Approval Notices can be the most beautiful pieces of paper you’re ever likely to see. Certainly some very beautiful pieces of paper (or documents, anyway) include the U.S. Declaration of Independence, President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation (and other Top Treasures of the Library of Congress). Or even a U.S. dollar bill of any denomination.
But immigration or non-immigration approval notices from USCIS can mean actual freedom, or a leap towards it.  And when it’s a work authorization, or related to other employment-based visas, are almost as good as the money that will come from earning pay resulting from the employment authorization.addtext_com_mdkyotiymta1nti addtext_com_mdkxodq1odk5oq addtext_com_mtazmtu1mty1otk addtext_com_mdk1ntiwmti1mzg addtext_com_mdk0mdiwmte1mdeaddtext_com_MTYzNjI1MTc4NDc3addtext_com_MDgxMDIyMTk4MzE4addtext_com_MDgxMjE0MTk4Mzczaddtext_com_MDkwNjQ0MTE1NTcz

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